008 -The Orphanage – Session 9

In which your hosts compare the merits of big budget Spanish language THE ORPHANAGE (2010) and low-budget classic SESSION 9 (2001*) and discovered that sometime indeed more money, more problems.

Sound design by The Dread Lottery.

Theme & episode music by Ulrike Mod.


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* Correction: I wrote the wrong date on the fact sheet for SESSION 9. The movie was in fact released in 2001, which was probably around when I first watched it. Maybe early 2002. In any case, I regret the error but also ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
– Producer Puffer

007 – The Conjuring – Hush

In which Red & Puffer consider the merits of a couple of popular contemporary horror movies, the supernatural charms of THE CONJURING (2013) & violent, straight-to-streaming home-under-siege indie HUSH (2016), and end up considering how much time it is worth to spend on movies about which they feel meh.

Theme music by Ulrike Mod.

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